About Me

Posted on Jan 27, 2023
That's me: Wilhelm

Welcome! My name is Wilhelm, a Lead IT Project Manager and Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in the IT industry.

Throughout my career, I have worked in various roles, including as a researcher, senior software engineer, IT project manager, lead IT project manager, and head of division.

As a manager, I have successfully led projects ranging from 2 to 30 people and ensured that they run smoothly and successfully. As head of division, I was responsible for personnel, sales, account management, and all other roles that come with being head of division.

Software Engineering has been a strong passion of mine since my youth. Throughout my career, I have realized that the further I moved away from it, the stronger the attraction became. Therefore, I have decided to fully immerse myself in the software engineering role again starting in 2023. The decision and transition were not easy, but in my current opinion, it was the right one for me.

Currently, I am back working as a senior software engineer and developing innovative applications.

In my free time, I used to have a strong interest in photography and private programming projects. However, since the birth of my children, they have become my greatest hobby and leisure activity. I enjoy spending time with them and observing their development.

I started this blog primarily for myself. I wanted to find a way to improve my writing and English skills. Just read my first post.

Have fun!