What is BAVAGA? At the beginning it was just a username created for a forum in 2002, a combination of Bava[ria] and G[erm]a[ny]. Since 2006 it's a name summarizing my hodgepodge of projects. Here you gonna find some of my projects, the ones which are worthy to be shown I'm gonna extend this list in the near future.
Check them out! I'm looking for your feedback!

Photography is one of my hobbies. A few years ago I started to publish my images on the web with positive feedback, so I decided to create an own site for my photos.

I always wanted to write an app. Here is my first but not last app: "Mathemagic". An app to train your brain with math! I used ionic / cordova to write it. It's completely free, easy to understand and I collect no user data!

Get it on Google Play

Countdownificator was at the beginning just a test site for some web technologies, like Bootstrap or AnguarJS. But in the end it results in a website to easily managing count downs.